Subconscious effects of Pheromones

Have you ever wondered how animals feel attracted to others? Scientists have discovered that there is a particular scent found in each species that becomes a source of attraction for the opposite sex. Though we are not animals, we find ourselves attracted to the opposite gender, and sometimes we feel it is either love, lust, or something else that cannot be defined.
Fragrances for men & women claim that they have this special effect that is sure to attract the other gender. You might find this to be a strange thing to be a source of attraction, but this may be one of the reasons. Just think about it, a person who does not seem facially or physically attracted to you but yet you develop a feeling towards them. Even when you think about it, you don’t find any other reason.
Scientists who study Osmology have concluded that there are certain chemical messengers present in a human being that becomes a source of attraction for the other. It can be sexual arousal that you may feel is inclining you towards that person. Androsterone is a pheromone that is used for humans, especially for men, where they seem appealing to the opposite gender. The women’s pheromone is called copulin, which works the same way as androsterone, where a man feels attracted to their female counterpart.
The question arises, how do perfumes add pheromones in their scents for both men & women, where they will find them attractive? Well, it is a bit more complicated than that because there are different pheromones found in both genders, which may attract sometime but the other time but may also repel the other. So, there are different categories of scents available, so what may seem a source of attraction to one may seem like the opposite to the other.
A human attraction through pheromones, especially in fragrances for men & women, they are sub-conscious effect. In the male, it can come from sweat glands, but the man will be unaware of it, and copulins are formed by the vaginal walls of women, which also play a source of attraction for the other. We smell the scents in a person and often differentiate between them with the help of our nose, so you can sense attraction from that point of view with the help of a fragrance.
Though a human pheromone comes from different body parts such as armpits, breasts, breastmilk, vaginal discharge, thighs, sweat, etc., it is still not a guarantee that it will become a source of attraction for one particular person as it varies for each person separately.
Pheromones in scents are designed for a specific audience as not everything is for everyone, but there is an audience for those pheromones’ smells. There are several other additives added to make that smell even more attractive and may work for the general audience as well.
When using any fragrance, you may have some person in your mind who finds you attractive, and that is what plays through our mind subconsciously to go for that brand of scent.

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